“My wife and I spent nearly 2 years taking trips to Florida to travel with realtors to find the right home for our needs and I will tell you that we wasted so much time and money traveling from NJ and driving around with realtors who either didn’t listen to our needs, didn’t respect our price range or just didn’t grasp the subtleties of the different communities to choose from.

Thankfully that all changed when we met Lynn. One day with her and we quickly broke off discussions with everyone else.

She is very knowledgeable about the areas, the communities and the ways to decide from so many options. More importantly, she didn’t waste our time looking at properties that didn’t meet our needs or budget.

To her credit, when we were searching for condos and townhouses she never once suggested a full house. Then when we surprised her with a list of homes she worked very efficiently with her office on the same day to get us access to the homes and to give us an understanding of the difference that come with home ownership vs. a townhouse or condo.

In short, if you are a snow bird wannabe and need eyes on the street to make your house hunting trips productive, Lynn is the only realtor I can confidently recommend.”